Brian E. Gagan, CPCU, adds value by identifying and clarifying each of the insurance issues in a particular case.

He is a nationally recognized expert in property and casualty insurance and the standard of care for insurance agents and brokers. He has served as an expert for both plaintiff and defense attorneys in more than 150 cases, in both state and federal courts.

Brian thoroughly understands insurance coverages, having been both an underwriter and a broker. He underwrote, and later brokered, liability, property, and workers' compensation risks for large complex risks.

Asbestos litigation is again abounding, and attorneys are attacking the policy asbestos exclusions from the 70s and 80s. Mr. Gagan was active in the marketplace as an insurance broker for asbestos companies and knows what the markets were doing with respect to asbestos liability coverage. Read more.

He also knows the responsibilities of all parties in insurance transactions: insureds, retail and wholesale brokers, insurers, and reinsurers. He was a broker and marketing manager of an international brokerage firm, so he has practical experience with both domestic and foreign insurance transactions.

In 1970 the Insurance Services Office (ISO) introduced the contamination and pollution exclusion, which became universal on primary and excess liability policies. Read more.

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